How do stem cells rebuild?

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Why is the concentration of stem cells so important?

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Where do stem cells come from?

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What is the average success rate of stem cells?

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What happens after injection?

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Should I wait for stem cells?

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What are the things stem cells treat?

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What are the things stem cells do not treat?

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Will stem cells work for me?

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Some Common Questions

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a cell that’s able to convert into numerous types of cells that make up the body. This includes nerve cells, muscle cells, and cartilage cells.  

What do I need to know about stem cells and stem cell therapy?

We book you for a free consultation, find out your pain levels/medical history, run a blood test, and take x-rays if needed in order to confirm your body is healthy enough and right for stem cell therapy.

Is stem cell therapy right for me?

Stem cells are the backbone of development in plants, animals, and humans. However, with humans, there are numerous types of cells that form from different places in the body and at different times in our lives. There are embryonic stem cells which are only alive at the earliest stages of development and adult stem cells (tissue-specific) that exist during fetal development and remain in our bodies throughout our lifetime.


What’s so great about stem cells?

  • They are self-renewing meaning they make copies of themselves to multiply exponentially.
  • They can differentiate into more specialized cells.
  • Embryonic stem cells versus other cells are the way they generate in the body.

Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent where they can generate all of the body’s cell types but lack in generating support structure like the placenta and umbilical cord. Other cells however are multipotent where they can generate a few different cell types usually in a specific tissue or organ. This is why as we age and develop, our stem cells change.


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