Ed Danner

How Regenerative Medicine Eased One Patient’s Chronic Pain

Ed Danner knew something was wrong when he started hearing a clicking sound in his shoulder. He knew it was caused by an injury he had 10 years prior when he was in college. His shoulder was, unfortunately, bone on bone and a specialist suggested shoulder replacement.

The surgery was getting closer and closer, but Ed kept looking for another cure. He stumbled upon regenerative medicine when he decided to postpone the surgery. Shortly after his regenerative medicine therapy, he was already feeling pain relief! He no longer needed the surgery and canceled it all together!

Now, Ed credits his pain relief to regenerative medicine and can now live a life he never thought was possible again. He urges others to opt out of surgeries and harsh medications, but instead give regenerative medicine a chance.

Regenerative medicine is known to treat conditions like diabetes, spinal cord injuries, muscle tears, and much more. To learn whether your a good candidate for regenerative medicine contact our office now and schedule your consultation to start living a better life.


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You don’t have to live your life with chronic pain. Regenerate Wellness has helped countless patients reclaim their freedom to live a pain-free life and we can help you too! It’s normal to have questions about regenerative medicine, and we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible before committing to a new treatment. Regenerative medicine is risk-free and has no adverse side effects, but it isn’t right for every patient. To explore if it is right for you, contact us below.

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