View the transcript. No one can determine how your body and DNA will react to any therapy. However, based on our patient’s results, science, and research behind stem cells we know there is a more than 80% chance you will have a good result.


View the transcript. Stem cell therapy averages $4,000 a session, but varies based on the area treated. Although there may be more costs upfront you don’t pay the costs of rehabilitation and revisits. With other therapies, months of rehabilitation and checkups may be...

FDA approvals

View the transcript. The equipment used to harbor the stem cells are FDA approved and has the same requirements as tissue banks. Most natural therapies are not FDA approved. Although, stem cells aren’t FDA approved the banks which harbor them are. The same rigorous...

Latest Equipment

View the transcript. At Integrated Wellness of Florida, we are up to date with the latest and the greatest equipment in our field.

Side Effects of Medication

View the transcript. Medication can lead to negative side effects which is why at Integrated Wellness of Florida we advocate for natural therapy. Medications can cause kidney malfunction, liver damage, ringing in the ears, and more. The ultimate side effect of...

Stem Cell Mechanisms

View the transcript. Stem cells conquer three main health problems. They reduce inflammation, regenerate tissue, and modulate the immune system. With these three mechanisms pain is relieved, reduced, and joints are regenerated.

Why you need stem cells now

View the transcript. Every 1 in 10,000 cells is a stem cell. Your body does two things: breaking down and healing. As you grow older your stem cells are constantly declining. When you’re young stem cells keep injuries in check by continuously healing the body....

What’s so great about stem cells?

We understand stem cell therapy can be hesitant for new patients. We encourage our patients to educate themselves as much as possible before undergoing treatment. We even offer seminars/webinars that can give you all the information you need to feel good about your...

Side effects of stem cells

View the transcript. The side effects of stem cells are rare. After your injection, you may have a small temperature because stem cells affect the immune system. However, this can also be a positive reaction because we know the stem cells are modulating the immune...


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